Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Architect - Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano was born in Genoa (Italy) on September 14, 1937, he studied in 1957 at Polytechnico Milano School of Architecture, taught by Franco Albini & graduated in 1964.
As a student he was working under Franco Albini, while also regularly attending his father's buildings sites where he got valuable practical experience. Between 1965 and 1970, he completed his formation and wor experiments with study travels in Britain and America. It was then he met Richard Rogers in 1971 when he founded the "Piano and Rogers Agency", his partner on the Centre Pompiduo project in Paris. Renzo Piano then founded " I'Atelier Piano & Rice" with the engineer Peter Rice who would work with him on many projects till his death in 1992.

Renzo Piano grew up in an environment where building was a family occupation & was inspired by his family. His grandfather, father, 4 uncles and his brothers all worked in construction. After studying in Milan & working for his father, he travelled and gained valuable work experience with many influencial architects of the time. Renzo Piano then went to work in the office of Louis I Kahn in Philadelphia, USA & Z.S Makowsky in London,UK. Renzo Piano first major commission came in 1969 designing the Intalian Industrial Pavillion at the 1970 expo in Osaka which his brothers built and installed. Renzo Piano’s work is elegant and organic, many of his project are iconic including Aurora Place in Sydney, the auditorium parco della musica in rome and the shard london bridge skyscraper.
He then founded Renzo Piano Building Workshop with offices in Paris and Genoa, some 100 people work with him ( amoung which architects,engineers and specialists.) in close collaboration with some associated architects linked to him by years of experience.
Renzo Piano has won many awards in his career, here is a list of his awards.
- 1981 wins Compasso d’Oro Award in Milan
- 1985 awarded Legion d’Honneur in Paris
- 1989 awarded the royal gold medal of architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects
- 1990 awarded Koyoto prize in koyoto
- 1991 awarded the neutra prize in California
- 1998 awarded the pritzker architecture prize
2008 awarded the sonning prize (prestigious cultural awardm in denmark)

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accessed 18/08/2010

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